People, bottles, boxes, cars and more

people walking in a room being counted

The countr device

Secure and accurate

Our devices use artificial intelligence to anonymously count people or other moving objects. Depending on your particular use-case our machine learning solution can count various different types of objects.
We do not use any form of external streaming or machine learning services to calculate our results.

Consequently, all processing is done in real time so that any data captured by our devices isn’t stored before being processed. As a result, the information leaving our devices is completely anonymized. Above all, your privacy is one of our main concerns!

Countr team interview

Devoxx - the java developer community

How do you manage crowd control and room capacities at a large scale conference like Devoxx?
You automate it!

We installed the solution at Devoxx Belgium last year and counted people as they joined sessions throughout the event. As a result, our dashboards and comprehensive graphs provided valuable crowd flow analysis for the organizers.

In this interview, our team explains how our solution helped the organizers to gain insights.

We help you get organised


Based on accurate measurements you can develop strategic plans across the entire business based on real, accurate data.


Real-time counting gives you the evidence you need to make rapid customer-centric decisions. Thus giving you the ability to quickly respond to real-time changes in your environment.

Very easy to use

The well-thought-out management console gives you access to all your assets and enables you to monitor all your devices at ease.


Provide real-time location analysis based on tailored reports and visual charts.

Maximise your available space helps you understand how your buildings and spaces are being used. The insights we provide help you to better understand when and how often your spaces are being used. Furthermore it gives you an accurate and live overview of how many people are in a room, space or building.

Quick and easy insights

Our intelligent analysis tools can help you make various decisions, from automatically optimizing your office space to creating a well-thought-out evacuation plan based on real data insights.

Designed for enterprise deployment

Enterprise grade security

Professional design

Wifi or POE support (CAT5E-6)

Multiple mounting points

No additional gateway required

24/7 dedicated support

Our REST api

The Application Programming Interface (API) hosts real-time and historical people count data for all your spaces. As a result, we offer you the ability to seamlessly integrate our AI solution into your existing applications.

Counting is our obsession

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